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50 kts in El Médano

It had been a long time since we had those famous high wind conditions. Dani Bruch and Bart David didn't loose their time and spent many hours on the water while all other riders had to wait for the wind to drop a little.
Very spectacular were Bart riding in those conditions without footstraps as his anckles don't get into straps anymore, and Dani making unmeasurable high front and backloops.


Tennis master series in Madrid

No kiteboarding, nor windsurfing but one week of the best tennis in the world at the Mutua Madrileña Masters Series in Madrid. An experience worth talking about with book-speaking pictures.


kitesession 080506 with Romain and Jordi

Two or our best teamriders thought it had been too long without a good session with photographer and threatened me with things that cannot be mentioned on internet, so I took some shots and uploaded them...


Impressive Torch presentation site

How to launch the Cabrinha Crossbow on your own

16 Pictures that show how to launch a Crossbow on your own. It's safe and easy. (Stopper should not be locked !) For landing the kite exactly the same is done in reversed order.


Impressive Torch presentation site

Naish Torch Soon available in our shop
This is how Mark Shinn describes the Torch after several days of riding:
Turns faster than anything else on the market, More depower than any Naishkite made before, Low end power similar to X4, Stable like the Boxer and incredibly light to steer.
Everybody who rides new school tricks should get this kite to improve their level without fear and pain.


Action movie

Online shop
At this moment only kiteboarding gear online. Soon we will have our complete windsurfing and kiteboarding stock updated. Check it regularly and don't miss the special offers !!!


Action movie

July 2003
This was the windiest monht in the last 3 years. If the wind wouldn't have failed the last 3 days it would have been a full month of wavesailing without a day of rest. It's definitely a very good summer...
Check out the conditions in our statistics, daily updated.

Action movie

New Action Movie Online:

Bart "Simpson" David presents himself in a hot action movie filmed in Tenerife and Gran Canaria by Tonix, 2002

Mark Shinn wins Red Bull King of the Air

Mark Shinn, D'light, O'neill and Naish puts another title on his name. Seven 1st's in ten world tour competitions is an amazing result. We are now waiting to confirm his world title in both tours... The competitions to come are New Caledonia and Brazil.


Victory at


Belgium !!!

Mark Shinn, D'light, O'neill and Naish win in Belgium, at the first event of the Kiteboard Pro Tour 2002. Though the wind has been irregular, some spectacular heats made a superb competition of this event. Outstanding were the heats with Sebastian Cattelan and Abel Lago and Sebastian against Mark Shinn, where a real exhibition of the possibilities in kiteboarding was given. See more on


Mark Shinn, D'light, O'neill and the new Naish X2 win at Leucate, first World Cup competition of the season. An excellent start for the new kite that promised high performance and prooved inmediately what it can do. Mark comments that thanks to the X2 new moves that need lots of air are now possible. Congratulations Mark. Win an event where all champions come together is worth extra points. Martin Vari, Franz Olry, Julien Sudrat, Chris Gilbert...and all the others made this competition one of the highest possible level.

Three boards at incredible price, unique oportunity !!!
Check out detailed information about the spots in our "el medano - Tenerife, Location info" link.

The new Cabrinha kites are now available. Very important improvements in strength and stability. Nice new details and a very good price

Naish recently launched the new Aero Kite, an easy to handle high performance 4 line kite. Having done this the road is open to a "no compromise competition kite" Mark Shinn has been sailing with prototypes and already told us the result is amazing....

We are proud to present the new generation of kiteboards. A combination of directional and twintip characteristics. Compared to the mutant, this board is completely convertible to a twintip with symetrical fin and footstrap positioning. The many different fincombinations make you able to tune the board for each specific condition from flat water to wave riding, from freestyle to hangtime. For more detailed information or orders please mail us.
New Neil Pryde sails 2002   The new Neil Pryde wavesails Core, Search and Zone just arrived at the D' Light - store. More power and perfect handling are the promises, the sail- designers sent with their new sails. Come along and check it out!

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